Friday, 6 May 2016

Must know tips from the examiners - the sequel!

It amazes me that so many ACCA students don't pay attention to the Examiners' Reports. After all, they are the people you need to impress on the big day!

These reports highlight the same old issues that come up time and time again. They summarise the mistakes students are making in the exams and give important and helpful advice on areas they should improve.

Make sure you don't ignore these! To help you out we've captured the key points here:

F6 Exam Tips

Feedback from previous exams:
  • For MCQs there was evidence of guess work by candidates rather than the use of logic or reasoning
  • Wasting time on areas that needed the least attention
  • Structure your answer in a way that makes it easier for the examiner to follow
  • Failure to answer all requirements of the question
  • Aim to revise all areas of the F6 syllabus
  • Do not rely on question spotting
  • For MCQs, if unsure use a process of elimination technique
  • Manage time effectively
  • Pay close attention to the number of marks available for each questions as it indicates how long you should spend on each part

F7 Exam Tips

Feedback from previous exams:
  • Some requirements were not answered
  • Often just stated the obvious - the answer needs interpretation and analysis
  • Did not make use of information provided within some questions
  • Lack of knowledge on some areas of the F7 syllabus
  • Work through the ACCA online study resources (e.g. past exam papers and examiner's reports)
  • Revise the entire syllabus
  • Show your workings to support your answers
  • Develop your analysis and interpretation skills
  • Perfect your time management

For full analysis of the most recent ACCA F6 and F7 Examiner's Report go to the following links: ACCA F6 Examiner's Report   ACCA F7 Examiner's Report

The ACCA F8 and F9 tips will be here soon, so keep an eye out!

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