Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Return of the 'must know tips from the examiners'!

Why do ACCA students ignore Examiners' Reports?

Your guess is as good as mine - as there is no better information to help them pass their exams!

Don't fall into the same trap by making time in your revision plan to work your way through the last five Examiners' Reports. This will give you an advantage by understanding exactly what the examiners are looking for.

Of course you could just continue to read this blog as we've done the hard work for you by summarising the main points in recent reports. 

To conclude our series of tips, here are the key points you need to know for the ACCA F8 and F9 exams:

F8 Exam Tips

Feedback from previous exams:
  • Did not allocate enough time
  • Lack of knowledge on some areas of the F8 syllabus
  • Failure to answer all requirements of the question
  • Revise all areas of the syllabus - anything can be assessed
  • Avoid question spotting
  • Work through past exam papers
  • Structure your answers in a way that makes it easier for the examiner to follow
  • Ensure that you read the question carefully

F9 Exam Tips

Feedback from previous exams:
  • Need to take more care when presenting numerical questions
  • Did not answer all the requirements of the questions and answered the question they would like to have been asked!
  • Lack of knowledge on some areas of the F9 syllabus
  • Some scripts had whole questions not attempted
  • Evidence of the question not being read carefully

  • Do not rely on question spotting
  • Show all workings to numerical questions as marks are awarded for correct method
  • Revise the entire syllabus
  • Make sure all question requirements have been addressed
  • Read the question carefully
  • Manage your time carefully
  • Revise past exam papers

For full analysis of the most recent ACCA F8 and F9 Examiner's Report go to the following links: ACCA F8 Examiner's Report   ACCA F9 Examiner's Report

Hopefully you have found this feedback and tips useful. Why not make this a checklist for your revision? It will help you to avoid the mistakes of previous students and give the examiners exactly what they want.

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